The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute is committed to the advancement of scientific information. We believe that it is only through scientific research that progress can be made in the treatment and cure of dermatological disease.


Dr. De Wet is actively involved in research through the University of Stellenbosch. 
His main research interests include melanoma and Mohs micrographic surgery
Dr. De Wet received the Discovery Foundation Academic Fellowship award for his current research project:
“Treatment of Melanoma-in-Situ on the Head and Neck with Staged Micrographic Surgery: A retrospective study”.

Research projects include:

2010 – 2013:      Skin cancer audit in primary care (University of Queensland). Primary investigator.

2016 – 2018:      Skin cancer in a South African tertiary care dermatology clinic: A retrospective study (Stellenbosch University). Co-investigator.

2016 – 2017:      Clinical and pathological features of acral melanoma in a South African population: A retrospective study (Stellenbosch University). Primary investigator.

2016 – 2019:      Prospective Study: Clinical, histological and molecular analysis of melanomas involving the hands and feet in the Southern African population                                                 (Stellenbosch   University). Research assistant.

2019:                  Healthcare-worker awareness and knowledge of skin cancer in patients with darker skin types. Co-investigator.

2019:                  Vula referrals for dermatology to Tygerberg hospital are inefficient and not safe for ongoing use. Co-Supervisor.

2020:                  Treatment of Melanoma-in-Situ on the Head and Neck with Staged Contoured Micrographic Excision: A retrospective study.


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