Mohs Micrographic Surgery for eyelid cancers

Mohs Micrographic Surgery for eyelid cancers.

Meet Dr. Mpopi Lenake, ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon.  She is one of the reconstructive surgeons who works closely with Dr. de Wet in the Mohs and reconstructive unit. In our latest blog post she shares her views on Mohs surgery for eyelid cancers.

“The goals of eyelid reconstruction after skin cancer excision include restoring eyelid structure and function while attaining acceptable aesthetic results. Mohs surgery achieves high cure rates while preserving healthy tissue, making it a useful technique for removal of skin cancers around the eyelids, where small amounts of tissue excision may involve important structures that affect the normal function of the eyelids.

It is also helpful in removing squamous cell carcinomas or morphea-form basal carcinomas, which are notorious for their extensive microscopic spread, well beyond the clinically apparent margins. Recurrent tumours and those involving the canthi (medial canthus specifically) are particularly challenging as they can spread into the orbit. Mohs is especially useful here.

Another advantage of working with a Mohs surgeon is that the excising and the reconstructing surgeons are different people. If a reconstructive surgeon is available, the Mohs surgeon has no hesitation in performing one more excision that might make the defect more difficult to reconstruct. A surgeon performing both the tumour excision and reconstruction may subconsciously hesitate to do this. This division of labour results in the best benefit for patients.

“I am very excited to know that there is a service that is now available to patients with periocular skin cancer that will result in higher cure rates while preserving their eyelids”.

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